Monday, November 26, 2007

A World Forecast

If Iran acquires nuclear weapons, they will use them to “wipe Israel off the map,” as the leader of Iran plainly declared.

If Israel is in real danger of being “nuked,” they will attack Iran.

If Iran is attacked, the Muslim “world” will retaliate and the Third World War will begin — which means, “darkness shall cover the earth” (Isa. 60:2).

That is the “world forecast,” if Iran is allowed to continue its “nuclear program.” And, as far as Americans are concerned, they will be allowed to continue, because many Americans have “had their fill of war,” with the Iraq debacle. So, now we’ll wait to see what Israel eventually does. In the meantime, you can always watch a TV “reality” show so you can forget about our true reality! Or, if you want a “diversion” from the TV nonsense, you could read the following articles, which are also based on reality!