Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Voting for “Wisdom and Freedom”


Recently, my neighbor, while speaking in favor of homosexual and abortion “rights,” mentioned that conservative Republicans “want to take us back to 50 years ago.” As a political Independent, I focus on the individual candidates, not their political parties, but, in keeping with her train of thought, I replied: “And liberal Democrats want to take us back 3,600 years.” She looked a little startled, so I seized the opportunity to keep talking!

I either informed or reminded her (I don’t know her religious knowledge) that, about 3,500 years ago, Moses brought us a long list of the people whose “nakedness” men must not “uncover.” The list included their mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, in-laws, stepchildren, and on and on. The same chapter includes a plainly worded sentence forbidding men “…to lie with mankind as with womankind” (Lev. 18:22). Moreover, we’re told that all those sexual practices were common in Egypt and Canaan, but followers of Abraham’s God would need to restrain themselves from such “abominations.”

Of course, the Commandment forbidding murder ruled out infanticide, which had always been a commonly practiced way to get rid of unwanted offspring, especially females, not only in ancient times but in modern nations that have not embraced monotheism.

Today, however, a growing number of people in the traditionally Judeo-Christian United States are voting to achieve “true freedom,” when no law would condemn men for “lying down” with men and no law would condemn women for eliminating the unwanted babies that grow in their wombs. Besides, “enlightened doctors” now enable women to safely get rid of those “things” — which are no longer called “babies” — without letting them grow for nine long months.

In this article, I am not arguing for or against those “freedoms,” but I am urging us to refrain from calling such thinking “modern.” To exhibit wisdom, we should try to give credit where credit is due! There’s nothing “modern” about people indulging their sexual appetite for members of their own sex, even as there’s nothing “modern” about killing the unwanted results of their more conventional “mating.” Perhaps, as a writer, I am overly concerned with choosing the right words, but sloppy phrasing can dangerously mislead us into believing we are growing “wiser,” when all we’re really doing is aping our ancestors! And if we don’t soon “get smarter” about our Creator, a few nuclear bombs exploding will have us aping the cave dwellers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reality and Pure Fancy


Biological and chemical weapons that can wipe out whole populations, along with nuclear weapons, which have the ability to destroy life on earth, are an ever-present threat to all the peoples of the earth. And not all of those weapons or the material to make them are under the strict supervision of peace-loving, prosperous nations that would never consider selling their wares to the highest bidder.

To offset that unnerving reality, I ask you to indulge in a momentary flight of pure fancy. Let us imagine that, tomorrow, all Christians and Muslims suddenly believed the Hebrew Prophets and bowed down to the Jews, in wholehearted recognition of the honored role we’ve been told they will play in the Messianic Age. If that happened, the stunned “fathers” of monotheism would stop in their tracks, praise God with all their heart, soul, and strength — and turn their hearts to the “children” of the faith. Or if, tomorrow, all Jews were to suddenly believe Muhammad, look up to Heaven and say, “Our Messiah, Jesus, we await you,” stunned Christians and Muslims would stop in their tracks, praise God with all their heart, soul, and strength — and turn their hearts to the fathers. And if, tomorrow, believers made real peace with each other, then God’s other children — the heathens and skeptics who prefer their own beliefs to believing in a God Whose devotees hate each other — would finally have a tangible reason to rethink their own beliefs.

Most Christians and Muslims, however, do not believe the Jews will become “a name and a praise” in the Messianic Age, as the Prophet Zephaniah foretold (Zeph. 3:20). And the Jews have never believed that Jesus and Muhammad were true Messengers from God. Hence, in the absence of immediate Divine intervention, the three families that call themselves “believers” are not going to make peace tomorrow; their unbelief prevents it. So, tomorrow, they’ll do as they’ve always done: Instead of embracing beliefs that would turn their hearts to each other, they’ll call each other liars! And “gross darkness” with “utter destruction” shall envelop the earth, as the Prophets Isaiah and Malachi precisely described (Isa. 60:2; Mal. 3:24/4:6).

The above is an edited excerpt from my book, “Of Promises and Previews”

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gallup And God


A Gallup Poll on religious belief reports that as of May 10-13, 2007, 86% of United States residents profess to believe in God. Still, 55% of the persons polled — more than half of them — say that religion is losing its influence on American life. And it’s not hard to believe that statistic!

It’s become commonplace to hear “superior” people proclaim how religious beliefs are “superstitious nonsense.” And if we doubt how popular such thinking has become, we only need to listen to our local news reporting “today’s crimes.” Many large cities are experiencing a reduction in all crime — except murders and assaults, which are on the rise! The U.S. has a good economy going right now, so burglars and robbers aren’t “in fashion.” But, for a growing number of people, physically attacking anyone who “disrespects” them or interferes with their personal life is the “in” thing to do! Which is not surprising. That’s the way people lived, before they’d heard from a God that forbids murder. So, religion might be “old fashioned,” but murder is older! While agnostics and atheists might like to imagine their “modern thinking” is wiser, that’s only because they haven’t bothered to realize that there’s nothing new about their ignorance of ancient history — and nothing modern about humans killing humans — though our modern weapons are “something new under the sun!”