Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gallup And God


A Gallup Poll on religious belief reports that as of May 10-13, 2007, 86% of United States residents profess to believe in God. Still, 55% of the persons polled — more than half of them — say that religion is losing its influence on American life. And it’s not hard to believe that statistic!

It’s become commonplace to hear “superior” people proclaim how religious beliefs are “superstitious nonsense.” And if we doubt how popular such thinking has become, we only need to listen to our local news reporting “today’s crimes.” Many large cities are experiencing a reduction in all crime — except murders and assaults, which are on the rise! The U.S. has a good economy going right now, so burglars and robbers aren’t “in fashion.” But, for a growing number of people, physically attacking anyone who “disrespects” them or interferes with their personal life is the “in” thing to do! Which is not surprising. That’s the way people lived, before they’d heard from a God that forbids murder. So, religion might be “old fashioned,” but murder is older! While agnostics and atheists might like to imagine their “modern thinking” is wiser, that’s only because they haven’t bothered to realize that there’s nothing new about their ignorance of ancient history — and nothing modern about humans killing humans — though our modern weapons are “something new under the sun!”

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