Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More for Ken and All Who Agree or Disagree With Him


Muhammad made plain that he was speaking of Abraham's God. Of course anyone can say he wasn't, but Muhammad clearly identified the Subject of his "discourse." And I repeat, he did not come to repeat what the Prophets had already said. He came, not only to awaken huge numbers of people to God, but to correct the errors of the Christian and Jewish clergies. Those still "uncorrected" errors have produced endless bloodshed for 2,000 years and are now preparing to fulfill the
prophecies of "gross darkness," which Malachi told us we
could only avoid if the "fathers and the children" turn
their hearts to each other (Mal. 3:24/4:6).

The "fathers" of monotheism are the Hebrews and their
descendants, the Jews. The "children" of monotheism are the
Christians and Muslims. But sadly, Ken, you epitomize the disdain
that the "children" have for each other and for
the "fathers,"--who, in turn, disdain the "childrens'" teachings.

BTW, when I quoted Jesus, I was not speaking of you
paying attention to Muhammad!!! I was clearly talking about
believing Malachi, as one of the Prophets, which Jesus called us foolishly “slow of heart” to believe.

As for your definition of a true prophet, I disagree. The
man who introduced God to millions of people who had rejected the Christian missionaries--the same man who founded the 2nd largest religion in the world, which could soon become the largest—fits my definition of a Prophet. You deny him; I don't; it’s as simple as that.

Your reference to Muhammad thinking his faith would
become "universal" is, as I see it, an expression of his
faith that someday everyone in the world will believe in
Abraham's Lord God and in "the Messiah Jesus." I do not doubt that will happen and I’d be surprised to hear that you doubt it. Sadly, the "fanatic Muslims" are now twisting Muhammad's "prediction" and using it as their reason to kill all "unbelievers," and to identify
those "unbelievers" as anyone who does not practice Islam
exactly as they do--which includes many of their fellow Muslims. To my mind, those fanatics are simply the "tools" that will fulfill the prophecies of darkness--which--I repeat again, we could avoid if we were wise enough to learn about God from ALL the Prophets, and thereby, turn our hearts to each other. Of course, it won't happen--the darkness will come--and Jesus will come--but only after indescribable misery on earth--because the "fathers" and the "children" would not
enlarge their understanding!

Although I certainly know people who fit your
description of those who have turned away from God, I also
know many people who have actually turned away from God
because they cannot accept Christianity's teachings that God
became "flesh." Unfortunately, Christian teachings are
all they know and care to know about religion!!! Or, they
simply cannot believe that a Divine Power would
allow the miseries we have always suffered. Of course, they
completely "miss" our need to learn through experience,
instead of being "robots," as they somewhat suggest
God should have made us, to spare us pain while we are

Now, getting back to specifics--where in the Scriptures
does a Prophet actually say that God is a Trinity??? If that
were true, it would not have taken the Church hundreds of
years to officially declare it! But I am curious about where
you have "read that into" our New Testament.

And, as a brief point, surely, having read some of the
Koran, you've read the "Mary" chapter, and therefore you know
that Muhammad honored her as a Virgin, the Mother of
the "Messiah Jesus," who "…does not disdain to be a servant of God" (Women 4:172).

There remains a real problem with all of our
Scriptures. It's impossible to know what was actually said
by the identified "authors" and what was added. All the
declarations in the world by "believers" that every word in
their own Scriptures is "true," does not prove it so! And,
the Koran is perhaps the most suspect of all--since it's
written form was based on so very many "notes" preserved in
all kinds of ways. But, again I repeat, I am not concerned
with the myriad "rules" for daily behavior declared by the
different religions ,or their "side stories," which--
especially in the Koran--breed hatred of others--stuff I
cannot believe Muhammad said because he honestly expected the Jews and Christians to embrace his "corrections" of their
clergies and join him. Instead of joining him--look what we have! Each
religion declaring that it alone is right and the others are
wrong--and the very real prospect of the manmade "gross darkness" that shall "cover the peoples" (Isa. 60:2), because all
the "right" religions will not even consider that there is
more they could learn from each other!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Answer to Ken and other Catholics:


Because Blogspot does not permit me to copy the answer I posted on Ken's site ( onto mine, I'm making my reply it's own post. To "catch-up" with our on-going disscussion, I urge you to read the preceding post and it's comments, and then come back to this one.

I am not inclined to answer your comments line by line, as you do mine, so I will simply comment on a few of your thoughts that “jumped out at me.”

First, Muhammad has introduced billions of people, who rejected Judaism and Christianity, to Abraham’s God. For you, and other Christians, to dismiss him and his religion as “frauds” has always astounded me! Evidently, pronouncing—and believing--yourselves right is far more important to you than the billions of people who learned about God without your help! Muhammad perceived Jesus as the Messiah, but not as “God incarnate,” and for you to belittle him because he disagrees with you and your church bespeaks the very “self-satisfaction” that repulses so many people and has actually turned them away from God. Granted, you are so content with your own knowledge that you don’t care about who rejects you, but your “deep down” contempt for others, in itself, brings your understanding into doubt! And while you glibly and arrogantly dismiss Malachi, who offered mankind a way to avoid the “darkness,” I remind you that Jesus cut to the quick of your problem in one sentence: “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!” (Luke 24:25).

Second, evidently you haven’t read the Koran carefully—since Muhammad spent more time than any Prophet that preceded him, discussing our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God. Muhammad did not come to simply repeat the teachings of Jesus or the Hebrew Prophets. He spoke to his desert-hardened people about their God in terms they could understand, and he succeeded in greatly enlarging monotheism’s ranks, without contradicting any of the Prophets! When you glibly dismiss him as “unnecessary,” you are exposing your ignorance of your God that loves all of His images and wants them to know Him!

And third, you have the arrogance to say that “Christians already know, or should already know, everything we need to know about what it means to be subject to God.” That one sentence, in itself, bespeaks such self-satisfaction that it is hard to imagine how on earth you explain the endless bigotry and persecution that so many “Christians” have engaged in, throughout history. I really feel that you—and all who agree with you--have lost touch with reality, in your surety that you and yours are right enough for everyone to embrace your understanding, alone. Thank God He has sent us wiser people than you and your ilk to speak of Him and the Messiah He promised to send us. You would be wise to listen to them, and enlarge your understanding. But then again, as you say, you already “know everything.” I wish you would become wise enough to learn more.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Certainty of Fanatic Muslims


One of the numberless surveys conducted these days reports that 52% of the people in the western world (not just the U.S.) think the issue with Muslims is political and can be resolved peacefully; 29% think it is a religious problem.

I am part of the minority because diplomacy, whether conducted by Democrats or Republicans, can never settle the religious differences that are driving us toward disaster. If nothing changes, we’re going to have a nuclear war simply because:

1) The “fanatic Muslims” won’t care whether Republicans or Democrats run the United States! When they are ready, they WILL use nuclear weapons against “Islam’s enemies,” which they perceive as “God’s enemies.”

2) The “fanatic Muslims” will use those weapons because they devoutly believe they will be doing “God’s Will,” by cleansing the earth of “unbelievers.”

The dark, cold “nuclear winter” that will follow a “nuclear war” will fulfill the Biblical descriptions of a time when “…the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light” (Matt. 24:29); when “…darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples” (Isa. 60:2).

If, however, you don’t believe in Prophets and prophecies, you certainly don’t have to think about them — until the darkness happens. Then, if you’ve survived, you’ll have plenty of time to think. Until then, go ahead and blame Republicans, Democrats, Muslims, Jews, Israel, Iran, Syria, or anyone else that strikes your fancy — except yourself! After all, what could you have done to prevent the war? Obviously, the “fanatic Muslims” have no right to expect you to alter your religious beliefs or unbelief. Besides, you have no reason to reconsider, much less discuss, your personal beliefs with anyone. You’re not forcing others to agree with you and you don’t want others to force you. You just want to live and let live, and you’re sure everyone should do the same.

Because, today, “everyone” doesn’t believe in “live and let live,” I’ll suggest what you could have done, so you can think about it in the darkness. You could have learned how to turn your heart to others, as the Prophet Malachi plainly said we must do, to avoid the darkness (Mal. 3:24/4:6). But, to honestly “turn your heart” to the “crazy Muslims,” you will first need to turn your heart to the One God revealed by ALL the Prophets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. You’ll be desperately praying to Someone in the “gross darkness” — why not try learning about the God Who foretold it? If enough of us enlarged our understanding of Him, we wouldn’t have to suffer the darkness!

So, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or someone in another nation “rooting for” a particular political party to win control over the “dangerously aggressive” United States, it’s time to carefully question whatever you believe and disbelieve. Then, you could finally do what you’ve never done before: Learn from ALL the Prophets sent to enlighten and warn you. Their COMBINED teachings would greatly enlarge your understanding of the God Who, long ago, precisely told us what our stubborn ignorance would bring upon us! An enlarged understanding of Him would deprive the “fanatic Muslims” of their crucially-needed certainty that you are an “unbeliever.”

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Fulfilled Prophecy!


While visitors to this site are fruitlessly debating God’s “Name,” I think it’s a good time to turn our attention to the Power behind the Name, as the Prophets revealed Him.

Although Muhammad spoke of God as “Allah,” he never refuted any Prophets’ revelations about the One and Only “Lord God.” But, unlike his prophetic predecessors, Muhammad frequently discussed the omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence of the Creator. Most believers have yet to truly contemplate what it means in our daily lives to be subject to Someone possessing those awesome, almost unimaginable, powers.

For example, an “omniscient” God means that the God worshiped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims knew, from the start, that the Hebrews would end up disobeying Him, until they were driven out of their land. In fact, before the Hebrews had even entered the Promised Land, Moses, inspired by God, spoke of a time when they would be “...driven out to the farthest parts under heaven...” (Deut. 30:4). But Moses also revealed what would happen to them after they became “…an oath and an astonishment and a curse and a reproach” (Jer. 44:12) — a prophecy that human history unmistakably proves has been fulfilled! Moses assured them that God “...will have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where the Lord your God has scattered you” (Deut. 30:3). Then, they will become “…a name and a praise among all the peoples of the earth” (Zeph. 3:20).

Throughout history, uncountable people have reproached, cursed and killed Jews, even while they claimed to believe in the “Lord God,” “our Father,” “Allah the King.” Therefore, it would be wisdom for “believers” to stop arguing about God’s Name and start repairing the damage they’ve done to the persecuted people who will yet become “a name and a praise” among us, as the OMNISCIENT God foretold.

Granted, the clergies of Christianity and Islam have perverted the prophecies related to the Jews’ “resurrection,” to make their own religion foremost and their own members “a name and a praise.” But the OMNIPOTENT Creator has spoken, and nothing said or done by Christians and Muslims can alter His decree. So, no matter the Name we use to address Him, it is long past time for us to acknowledge His Powers, which apply to all of God's "children" and could better guide all of us than the manmade concepts that have ceaselessly bred hatreds in His Name--whatever you think that Name is!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Name for God


Through the months, I’ve received occasional emails arguing, with surprising intensity, for or against the different “Names” assigned to God by Jews, Christians and Muslims. It finally dawned on me that some believers are missing an elementary point.

Through the Prophets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, we are warned against praying in the name of any of the more than 2,000 “gods,” worshiped by mankind in ancient times. Each manmade idol was given its own name by the people who concocted it! So, every monotheistic Prophet, beginning with Abraham, has advised us to pray to the unseen, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent “Lord God.” And all Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to Him, regardless of the precise Name their language assigns Him.

Granted, Jesus gave us permission to pray in his name, not because he was representing himself as God incarnate, but because he was sent by the Father as mankind’s Messiah. History proves that most human beings need a “human form” to envision and pray to — an invisible God is just too hard for many to mentally and emotionally embrace. So “the Messiah Jesus,” as Muhammad always identified him, helps all who need a human manifestation of Divine Power.

Of course, the Christians also began to pray to saints, but that’s part of their “mix-up” over God’s Identity. We can know the Lord God understands human weaknesses and confusion, since even humans can usually come to understand what causes their “mistakes!” But the intense persecution and suffering that Christians and Muslims have deliberately inflicted on persons who worship the same God, but differ in their religious practices -- beginning with as simple a subject as His Name -- is another story! Our merciful God might not wholly excuse hateful actions committed in any one of His Names!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comments Prove My Point!


The title of my Monday post reads: Only Muslims Believe It! And the first line of the post begins: The Koran tells Muslims that someday the whole world will be Islamic….

So, of course, only Muslims believe it. But that doesn’t mean it’s wisdom on the world’s part to disbelieve it! Muhammad’s remark can simply mean that someday everyone will know his “Maker” and his “Messiah.”

But the readers’ Comments expressed on the post denote a dangerously narrow-minded view of Islam, the world’s second largest—and most rapidly growing—religion. The ugly remarks about Muslims reflect the very ignorance that I urge my readers to address and correct, by learning what ALL the Prophets revealed. If we will not learn now, we are, in effect, inviting a nuclear war, which will change the world as we have known it—the world we COULD peacefully change, simply by enlarging our understanding. If we need proof of our need to learn, the Comments provide it!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Only Muslims Believe It!


The Koran tells Muslims that someday the whole world will be Islamic, which can simply mean that someday everyone will know the Lord God of Abraham and “the Messiah Jesus” (as Muhammad identified mankind’s Messiah).

But Muhammad made clear that Jesus is NOT God; he is a “servant of God.” So, from the start, the Jews, obeying their clergy, scorned Muhammad for identifying Jesus as the Messiah. And the Christians, obeying their clergy, scorned Muhammad for denying that Jesus is “God the Son.”

The Religious War to establish Islam as the world’s only religion has already begun — but it often appears that only Muslims (and me) recognize it as a Religious War! Apparently, the rest of the world prefers to believe that some desperately poor people, recruited by evil-minded would-be “world rulers,” are perpetrating terrorist acts for material gain. Of course some individual terrorists are “out for what they can get.” But earthly riches are not the goal of the terrorists. And most Muslims know it, though, to be sure, not all Muslims support the terrorists. Still, all Muslims believe the world will someday be Islamic, so the vast majority are not willing to actively fight terrorism, since they cannot be certain it is not “God’s Will.”

While, today, only Muslims believe that Islam will someday be the world’s only religion, their belief does not automatically mean they are wrong! But it does mean that if enough people will enlarge their understanding of Abraham’s God, we could avoid the nuclear war that Muslim “extremists” are willing to start.

But now I urge you to take a moment to tell yourself the truth: No matter what you currently believe and disbelieve, after reading this, you’re not going to pursue an enlarged understanding of God, are you? Instead, you’re going to do what you’ve always done — browse other web sites until it’s time to work or feed the kids or shop or go to bed! That’s “living” in a reasonably peaceful society — until it stops being peaceful! Yet, I suspect you think you’ll have time to think about it, if your peace is actually disrupted! And I agree — by then you’ll have more time to think than you want — because you wouldn’t take the time to think about it now. In short, most people — including the extremist Muslims — are so set in their religious beliefs, I’m fighting a “lost cause,” when urging us to learn from ALL the Prophets. I wonder when I’ll believe it!