Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comments Prove My Point!


The title of my Monday post reads: Only Muslims Believe It! And the first line of the post begins: The Koran tells Muslims that someday the whole world will be Islamic….

So, of course, only Muslims believe it. But that doesn’t mean it’s wisdom on the world’s part to disbelieve it! Muhammad’s remark can simply mean that someday everyone will know his “Maker” and his “Messiah.”

But the readers’ Comments expressed on the post denote a dangerously narrow-minded view of Islam, the world’s second largest—and most rapidly growing—religion. The ugly remarks about Muslims reflect the very ignorance that I urge my readers to address and correct, by learning what ALL the Prophets revealed. If we will not learn now, we are, in effect, inviting a nuclear war, which will change the world as we have known it—the world we COULD peacefully change, simply by enlarging our understanding. If we need proof of our need to learn, the Comments provide it!

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Bill Branson said...

Right on, Jane.