Friday, September 29, 2006


Even while prominent people are telling the world that we must fight the "Muslim extremists" with new "ideas," not military weapons, we hear nothing new being discussed! For instance, I ended the previous entry with two questions, but I haven’t received any answers. The questions were: After all these centuries, are we ready to learn from ALL the Prophets? Or are we only ready to kill each other on a large enough scale to wipe out our past?

I suspect that most people, whether they are Muslims, Christians, Jews, members of heathen religions, agnostics or atheists, won’t even consider enlarging their own beliefs, much less altering their negative opinions of other beliefs! And that reaction to the "new idea" of "learning from all the Prophets" makes the answer to the 2nd question an emphatic YES, whether people would actually express it aloud or not. In short, if we won’t enlarge the beliefs that have always made people hate and kill each other, sooner or later, the narrow beliefs we cherish are going to erupt in a nuclear war.

It amazes me to hear people in the United States casually talking about how nuclear weapons are bound to be used "over there, one of these days." They speak as though "over there" has nothing to do with them. But clouds of smoke from a nuclear attack in the Middle East won’t stay "over there!" And nuclear "fallout" will encompass the earth. I don’t know if such thoughts are also being voiced in other nations, but the way people speak of it here — as though it won’t really touch them — is horrifyingly unrealistic. Where oh where are the people who are willing to pursue new ideas, to try to avoid a full-fledged 21st century "Holy War?"


Anonymous said...

I'm one who is listening. I've also read your book and I think you are "ahead of your time." If we last long enough, people will begin to listen and learn. God bless you.

MysticSaint said...

Thanks for the link.

May we all see the truth. and yes its possible to expand our understanding of all faiths across the globe. and its happenning slowly, but surely.

we are just beginning, thats why all the chaos u see. but it will calm down soon when ppl understand with a better understading.

jbd said...

I would like to agree with you, Mysticsaint, but I don't see "understanding of all faiths" growing. On the contrary, hatred of Jews and Muslims is flourishing as never before. Besides, it isn't "understanding" of other religions that is the needed factor. We urgently need the enlarged understanding of God and the Messiah He promised to send us, provided by ALL the Prophets. The teachings of any single monotheistic religion does not give us the full knowledge that has been delivered. Besides, most people believe their clergy's interpretations of their teachings, not the recorded teachings themselves!