Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm taking a moment to digress from my "theme," to suggest that visitors to this site take a peek at the sites I've listed as Links. The Links represent a very diverse group of "bloggers," presenting all manner of opinions very opposite mine! I believe if you'll thoughtfully read them, you could find that I am approaching our very real and urgent world crisis with ideas that are extremely unique--which is what we must have in this unique time in human history!

Never before have humans been threatened by a worldwide "nuclear war," and all the chaos it will produce. We need to "get smarter" about the God Who explicitly warned us of this time, through the Hebrew Prophets, who also told us how to avoid the destruction. You have nothing to lose by contemplating the subject except a little of your time--which, after all, isn't yours to keep anyway! And which, after all, may not last much longer if we won't learn enough to persuade the "Muslim fanatics" to rethink their own beliefs.


Daniel Morgan said...

So you really think that you can make these people be more inclusive in their religious views by teaching them a liberalized form of their own Bible and Qur'an?

With all due respect, you're dreaming.

jbd said...

I agree with you--but to explain my "dreams," I'll use your comment as the basis of today's post. Thanks for writing.

jbd said...

On second thought, I'll need another day to prepare my answer, so I hope you'll "tune in" Friday.