Friday, December 01, 2006

The Script for World War III


Some people are already speaking of the current "war against terrorism" as our “third World War.” But those who lived through the Second World War know that combating today’s armed terrorists, scattered throughout the world, drastically differs from fighting national armies. Yet, dead is dead, in large or small battles, and the script for a “more traditional” World War has finally been unveiled by Iran.

We’ve now been told that when the Iranian armed forces are ready and able, they will attack Israel with the intention of utterly destroying it. That attack will serve as the opening salvo of an unmistakable “Third World War,” which will undoubtedly include the use of weapons of mass destruction. A “nuclear war” would ultimately deprive the world of sunlight and moonlight, and “darkness shall cover the earth,” as the Prophet Isaiah foretold (Isa. 60:2).

So, Iran has given us the script for the fulfillment of prophecies, though, until it happens, the opening cast and the opening acts could change. But that doesn’t mean the War won’t happen! It must erupt, as long as there are believers in the One and Only Lord God who “draw lines” between the Prophets, believing some and rejecting others, exactly as Muhammad warned Muslims, and all believers, NOT to do (Women 4:150)!

For example, many Muslims and even some Christian sects do not believe the Prophets who foretold the resurrection of Israel by the Jews, the descendants of the Biblical Hebrews. So, some people, somewhere, are going to start the war that ends in “gross darkness,” simply because Jews, Christians, and Muslims are each absolutely convinced that their “family,” alone, knows the absolute truth about an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Power. Moreover, each “family” knows that everyone who does not believe as they do is just plain wrong! That’s a “fitting philosophy” for a nuclear war, since it gets right down to the “nucleus” of religious belief and behavior: “I’m right; you’re wrong. Believe it or I’ll kill you.”

And while skeptics and heathens might finally be recognizing that their existence is severely threatened by “believers,” they won’t even try to enlarge their own understanding and thereby influence the beliefs that are preparing to end the world as we have known it! Why should they, when they “know” they’re more right than any monotheist? So, a whole world of “right” people are going to set the world on fire — and prove the Prophets right, which is not, in itself, wrong for them to do. But all that horror just isn’t necessary — as the Prophet Malachi explained (Mal. 3;24/4:6), if we had the intelligence to turn our ears and our hearts to ALL the Prophets!

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