Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Essence of Islam


Muhammad told the world that God is God and the Messiah is nothing more nor less than God’s servant. But Muhammad unequivocally identified Jesus as the Messiah. Thus, Muhammad contradicted Judaism in its absolute rejection of the "Messiah, Jesus" (Women 4:171). And he contradicted Christianity, which, by Muhammad’s time, had officially identified Jesus as the Second and coequal Member of a Holy Trinity of Gods.

Nowadays, however, Muhammad’s confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah isn’t an Islamic teaching Muslims religiously convey to the world. In fact, the most publicly heard Muslims don’t even mention it! Evidently, they consider it an insignificant subject compared to the Koran’s directive to reward evil “…with like evil” (Counsel 42:40) — the teaching they practice with such devotion, outsiders could perceive it to be the primary message of Islam!


Anonymous said...

+Dear lady,

I would like to congratulate you for your priceless and humanistic work to make abrahamic-rooted religions be understandable to all of us. I appreciate your insightful reflections about the three religions. I know I am still far younger than you(22), but your concerns(Nuclear war, religious conflict...) are just and worthy of great attention.As i said earlier, young as i am does not mean that we do not share the same point upon certain issues. As a Muslim, I personally think that most of your analysis is interesting, but some arguments about the Prophet and the revelations of the Koran are really arguable. It is commonly believed that most Muslims had no faith in other religious scriptures regarding certain aspects of their telling, yet some parts of those religious books are full of wisedom and divine morality.No Muslim can deny that the Books of christians or Jews are all fake because there are som truths which could be considered as divine revelations as long as they are also corroborated by the Koran.

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jbd said...

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