Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm right!


My somewhat sarcastic review of our “human situation,” which I posted on New Year’s Day, elicited some comments about how "right" I am! So, I think I need to express some “kindness and gentleness”— which are as much a part of my “philosophy” as my sarcastic complaints.

For instance, there’s practically nothing that we human beings can actually do to change a world overflowing with contempt for other people’s religious beliefs, or their skin color, or their nationality, or whatever else people like to scorn. They are all very, very ancient “hatreds” that nothing I say will substantially lessen. We are, for the moment, here together on earth, and we argue with each other over any opinion that differs from our own — or we abstain from forming opinions — or we abstain from voicing them — or we only seek the company of people who agree with us. And my pleading with people to enlarge their religious understanding, before we engage in a nuclear war, will go “nowhere.” But the truth is, even while I labored for a decade to write a book combining the teachings of all the Prophets, I never thought my effort would make any difference — and sadly — I’m right!


Donald G. said...

Maybe time will prove you wrong. I'm rooting for you to be wrong. And I think you'll appreciate that!

jbd said...

I do appreciate you, Donald! Thanks. But my pessimism remains, at least for now.

Carol Field said...

I suggest you lighten up on yourself and the rest of us. I read your post about Christians and Muslims being 2 peas in a pod--and it was very well said. Now I'm going to read your book--maybe all the prophets could help us but that's a radical idea and it ain't gonna catch on quickly!