Monday, January 01, 2007

Plain and Simple Ignorance for the New Year


This message was inspired by those persons who are currently "blaming" today’s terrorism on the “poor” who are simply “protesting their poverty!”

In actual fact, we are experiencing the opening battles of a Religious War, conducted by devout Muslims who sincerely believe it is their “God-given duty” to cleanse the earth of “unbelievers” or “infidels.” They define “infidels” as everyone who does not join in their practice of Islam — a definition that even includes some of their fellow Muslims. So, today’s terrorism has nothing do with the material possessions of anyone, anywhere!

What is “good” about today’s Religious War rests in the fact that it will probably be the last Religious War humankind will have to endure. What’s “bad” about it is it will probably be the last Religious War, because it will be fought with weapons of mass destruction. But it will be a “democratic” war, because it will include everyone in the world, regardless of their beliefs. To explain:

If you are an agnostic or an atheist, you’ll suffer the horrendous effects of a nuclear war, which, in your ignorance, you were utterly incapable of stopping.

If you are a believer in gods other than the Lord God of Abraham, you’ll be as useless as the agnostics and atheists.

But if you are a Jew, Christian, or Muslim, you’ll play a major role, even if you say and do nothing besides cling to your own beliefs, because you know they are “the truth as best man can know it.” As a “true believer,” you will not even consider enlarging your understanding of the God you worship, by learning from ALL the Prophets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Instead, you’ll cling to the “truth,” as your clergy declares it, while the war escalates, until the whole world is enveloped in the “gross darkness” foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures (Isaiah 60:2).

As a Jew, Christian or Muslim, how “devout” you will be, for making the worst of all prophecies come true! Of course, as a Christian or Muslim, you can also believe that the God of all humankind only loves you and your kind. (At least the Jews you scorn have never displayed that arrogance!) So, as a Christian, you might think that being a “devout hypocrite” is going to entitle you to be “whisked away” and spared the misery you’ve caused others. Or, as a Muslim, you can think your concept of a narrow-minded god, who only loves you and yours, will get you straight into heaven. But, as the Prophets made clear, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate your ignorance in the "gross darkness" of a nuclear winter.

All the while, this could be our last chance to learn more about God, while the sun still shines. Or, in your plain and simple ignorance, you can refuse to listen to Messengers that aren’t “your own,” or to Messengers that you know “never really existed,” or to the written teachings you “know” have been “changed,” though you haven’t a single piece of proof. By rejecting at least some of the Prophets, you will help the world get to suffer the prophesied nuclear winter — which is one way to learn that the Prophets told us the truth!


Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist, and you're right!

Donald G. said...

Hey, Anon, what are saying she's right about? The uselessness of atheists or the nuclear war?

Anonymous said...

While I'm still here reading this blog, I'll answer you Donald. I'm saying she's right about the whole thing--we're all a bunch of troublemaking "individualists" mouthing off, accomplishing nothing, and headed for oblivion--which is why I am an atheist! No "intelligent power" made this!

Leila said...

Well written article.