Friday, March 30, 2007

Creative Chimpanzees And Humans


In February 2007, the Los Angeles Times printed an article about chimpanzees making spears. The author of the article identified the chimps’ creativity as “…the first routine production of deadly weapons observed in animals other than humans.”

Since I was a child, I’ve heard that the creation and use of tools sets humans apart from most animals, but links us with others. Now, researchers have discovered that some animals even make deadly tools! That discovery further diminishes our “difference” from monkeys — if we accept tool-making as the “tool” of measurement! As I grew older, however, I embraced a far more accurate way to distinguish us from our “fellow animals.”

In so far as we can determine, we are the only creatures on earth who seek the Original Source of our existence — and honor and even worship that Source, if we choose. Of course, because the Source remains “invisible” to human eyes, we can’t scientifically “prove” the Source we identify actually exists; we can only presume Its Existence through the existence of our awesomely complicated yet “miraculously” organized physical universe, which inevitably bespeaks a Thinking Creator.

In short, the one thing that distinguishes us from all living creatures obviously isn’t our tool-making, but our ability to conceive of our Creator. Yet, if, like a growing number of people these days, you don’t bother to think about your Source — because, after all, science can’t prove what “it” is — there is nothing that actually distinguishes you from a tool-making chimpanzee.

Think about it — and perhaps you’ll decide to examine the revelations about our Creator, delivered by ALL the Prophets, from Abraham through Muhammad. They never contradict each other, as our clergies do! (I’ve made it easy for you to hear what they said in one book — see the sidebar About Me.)

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