Monday, April 09, 2007

An Identical Role for “Believers” and “Unbelievers”


What would it actually take to persuade you to “alter” your religious beliefs? I’m inclined to think we’ll have to be sitting in the darkness of a “nuclear winter” before people seriously question their religious thinking! And when I say “people,” I do not only mean what the Muslims, Christians and Jews think! To be sure, the “self-satisfied” atheists and the “removed-from-it-all” agnostics and the “beyond-it-all” believers in “heathen” religions are doing absolutely nothing to help the world avoid the Religious War that will hurtle everyone into the prophesied “gross darkness” of a manmade “nuclear winter!”

The Prophets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam brought messages about the Lord God of all creation that never contradicted each other, as they introduced the world to the One Thinking Source of all the energy in existence. Their teachings have persuaded a huge portion of the world’s population to embrace one of those three “related” monotheistic religions. Yet, amazingly, many Jews and Christians actually believe that “Allah,” the Name used by Muslims for Abraham’s God, is not the same God that Abraham worshiped. That is how “elementary” their ignorance is! Worse yet, each religious “family” embraces their clergy’s interpretations of their own Holy Book. And each “family” is so certain their clergy’s teachings are “right,” they won’t even consider reconsidering their beliefs. So, will the unbelievers learn and save us?

They could, but chances are, they won’t! Even as you won’t, no matter your current beliefs. But, tell yourself the truth! Are you really so satisfied with what you believe — whatever that is — that you are more willing to suffer a nuclear war than to try to improve your understanding? Even if you’re a “non-believer” in Abraham’s God, if enough of you finally came to appreciate what ALL the Prophets taught, the “believers” of the world would finally have a compelling reason to pay attention to you! And you would finally awaken them — which is what you’ve wanted to do all along, but you lacked the “right” message! So, no matter your “religious philosophy,” you could diminish the Religious War that is closing in on every single human being, by learning from ALL the Prophets and speaking of them to others. (You could learn from the individual Sacred Books, or discover the essence of their teachings from my book. The point is, SEEK and you CAN find!)


TW said...

What would it actually take to persuade you to “alter” your religious beliefs?

Easy. Evidence.

jbd said...

If you're serious about receiving more "evidence," I suggest you read my book, in which I provide the combined teachings of all the Prophets, from Abraham through Muhammad. No single religion includes all of their revelations about God and the Messiah He promised to send us.

Harry S. said...

TW wants "evidence." He can wait around for the evidence of "dark" prophecies fulfilled that will come with a nuclear winter. I'd rather follow Jane's suggestion that we fuilfill the prophecy of "turning our hearts to each other" through our religious beliefs

Anonymous said...

I second TW with his request for evidence, rather than read Jane's attempt to reconcile several intra-contradictory scriptures written hundreds and thousands of years ago (and since revised, edited and recompiled innumerable times) by superstitious desert mystics.