Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Correcting an Omission!

When I posted my comments about the Sabbath yesterday, I completely forgot to “tie them into” our discussion of the coming nuclear war. I suppose it was because it is so “natural” for me to talk about the beliefs shared by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So, I forgot to mention how crucial to peace it is for enough “believers” to embrace all three religions in matters of real importance, especially God Himself!

Consequently, I now must try to “make up” for my lapse. If we’re going to “turn our hearts to each other” to avoid a nuclear war, as the Prophet Malachi said we must do (see my post "Choose For Yourself" on 10.29), we need to become acquainted with at least some of the teachings about God, revealed by the Prophets of the three religions. And for reasons not worth your time to read, I happened to begin with the Sabbath, observed by Jews, Christians and Muslims. I’ll speak more about those commonly held beliefs in the coming days.


Patty T. said...

I 'm not following your thinking! You seem to have something interesting to say, but you jump around too much for my simple brain!

Anonymous said...

I agree Patty

jbd said...

I hear you! Come back in a little while and see my new "beginning." Sometimes I definitely get "ahead of myself." Thanks Patty and Anonymous for "pulling my coat."