Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gays and Taxes!

The blog I recently visited, , proved to be a very unique experience, since, to my surprise, I could wholly agree with its very explicit description of political "liberals," (in Part One of its two part series). But, I have to add, there is plenty of fault to be found with conservatives, as well!

In fact, I’m so tired of Republicans and Democrats blaming practically everything bad that happens in the world on the opposite party. Such self-centered concentration, in a world suffering from enormous religious conflict, can be downright scary!

Fortunately for me, I don’t scare easily, as my friends can testify. For instance, they frequently hear me speak very "matter-of-factly" about the nuclear war that’s coming (if we don’t enlarge our religious understanding, which I don’t expect enough people to do). The very mention of a nuclear war scares them. But, time after time, they "open the door" to the subject, by commenting on how Republicans are "escalating terrorism" by keeping our troops in Iraq, or how Democrats will pull us out of Iraq, which will embolden the terrorists to attack us "where we live." And both political parties are now playing the "blame game" about the North Koreans’ nuclear test.

After such remarks, the next thing my friends hear is me, talking about a nuclear winter, again! I know they wish I wouldn’t, but I don’t choose to resist the "invitation."

As it’s been throughout our political history, candidates from both parties are talking about what they’ll do to help our personal income and similar domestic subjects. But, these days, the more we concentrate on ourselves, the better it works for the "Muslim extremists," who prefer that we think about which candidates will raise our taxes, or work against legalizing abortions, or fight to legalize "gay marriage." That way, we’ll have less time to think about which nominees don’t care if Israel is demolished.

We won’t be thinking about gays and taxes after the terrorists escalate their "holy war" to "cleanse the earth of unbelievers" — which they will eventually escalate, because too many people will not enlarge their own religious beliefs enough to inspire the "fanatics" to enlarge theirs!

As always, I urge you to read: "Of Promises and Previews: Urgent Old Messages for a New Millennium."

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