Friday, October 27, 2006

A Detour From the Coming War to Speak of "Gay Marriage" in New Jersey

Innumerable rules have been attributed to the Lord God of Abraham, which were actually concocted by the official clergies of assorted organized religions, seeking to interpret God’s "intentions." But the rules of marriage, practiced throughout all predominantly monotheistic societies (which represent a huge portion of the world’s population) were delivered by Moses, who is recognized as the author of the first Book of the Hebrew Scriptures. Moses told us he derived his knowledge directly from Abraham’s Lord God. Yet, in reality, throughout history, some Christian and Muslim men, seeking multiple wives, have imposed their own interpretation on Moses’ explicit directive: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh" (Gen. 2:24).

Frankly, when I was young and unaware of ancient history, I wondered why God, through Moses, bothered to spell out the "marriage rules" so explicitly. Nowadays it’s become obvious. Marriage, as God defined it, is not marriage as "modern society" sees it (which, I now realize, the omniscient Lord God foresaw)! Today, many people seek to make "marriage" a financial arrangement between any two persons who want to establish a legally recognized domestic relationship, while declaring their exclusive devotion to each other. For the present, that ‘devotion" still only concerns two people, but their sex is no longer a factor. In a few years, perhaps we’ll adopt another practice from our human history, by making "marriage" a legally recognized relationship among any number of people, as polygamists assert it should be. In fact, men could even adopt the ancient practice of keeping young boys for their sexual pleasure. And. to make ourselves truly "modern," women might also keep a few young boys around!

So, New Jersey’s officials seek to return us to the "good old pre-Mosaic days"— though, for the moment, they’ve refrained from naming their new law "marriage." They’ll leave that decision to the citizens of the state. But every single person who votes for it will be helping mankind return to our ancient "era of ignorance." In truth, they will be so ignorant, they’ll think that what they’re promoting is an excellent example of "modern thought!"


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