Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More About Our Old Ways

In a comment on a previous post, Sam objects to what he saw as my inference that homosexuals "recruit" people to their lifestyle and they are "more likely" to be pedophiles.

I don’t think "recruit" is the right word. Homosexuals, like all males and females, try to "seduce" persons to whom they’re attracted. So, like their "straight" counterparts, they often pursue a person who has "caught their eye," in whatever ways fit their own personality, in the hope they can lure the person into a relationship.

For an example of casual sexual attraction,when I was a weekly patron of a hairdressing salon, it became monotonously commonplace to hear my male homosexual hairdresser say of someone who came into the shop, "He’s gay, but he won’t admit it." According to my lifelong observations, many homosexuals like to believe that someone they find attractive is "one of them." And when someone attracts them, they would like to "awaken" that person, if necessary, to his/her "real" sexual identity! So, in the long run, they will try to seduce people into joining their lifestyle, and since they see nothing wrong with their lifestyle, why wouldn’t they? But for those of us who believe Moses, we see them encouraging others to commit an abominable act—and we don’t think it’s wise for people to commit "abominations."

And yes, I am suggesting that homosexuals could become pedophiles more readily than "straight" adults, simply because a suspension of "self-control" in one vital area makes us more prone to forego self-control in other circumstances. For instance, if we steal something we want without being caught and without feeling regret, we're not only more prone to steal again when tempted, but we become more likely to yield to other temptations to "cross the line" of "moral" behavior. That doesn’t mean that every homosexual is a potential pedophile. But "self-control" is a habit that every person must develop to live peacefully among his fellowmen. When it comes to sex, however, we’re especially prone to suspend our self-control and, if we’re inclined, embrace the ancient sexual practise that Moses warned against, when he gave us rules that distinguished humans from all other animals!


Anonymous said...

I agree! The laws delivered by Moses set us apart from animals--thank God. But the young men who recently killed homosexuals just because they were homosexuals were acting like animals--so go figure!

Sam said...

I see your point and the Foley case brings it out in the open. But then again, we have the cases of the women school teachers who seduced their students, so maybe you're right about seduction and it may not be more prevalent in homosexuals.

But what does any of this have to do with debunking god and getting more understanding of each other's religions?