Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ready, Willing and Able

Again, Sam asks interesting questions in his comment on my preceding post. To begin with, Sam (and everyone else who reads this), needs to understand that because "Moses said so," does not mean that ONLY the Jews need to embrace the messages he delivered about homosexuality and other human behavior! The tiny tribe of Hebrews delivered the most unique and significant message, which told mankind that there is only One Creator of the universe. That message eventually brought forth two other religions, Christianity and Islam, both dedicated to the same Lord God introduced by the Hebrews. Christianity and Islam’s huge populations have enabled knowledge of the Lord God and His messages to become known throughout the world.

Moses brought a message condemning homosexuality, but it was a brief directive among myriad others. I discussed the subject for a few days, only because it became a topic of national interest due to the alleged behavior of a U.S. congressman. But it’s time to move on, and Sam obviously shares that opinion, by asking what homosexuality has to do with Muslim extremists wanting to kill "us," and with Christians who are eagerly awaiting the "rapture."

Homosexuality has nothing to do with Muslim extremists who believe they must make the world "Islamic," and Christians who are inwardly rejoicing because they believe the Apocalypse is on the horizon, which will be their personal salvation. To be sure, the Muslim fanatics appear to be willing — though not yet able— to start a nuclear war, which would produce "apocalyptic" destruction. The Christians are sure they will be saved beforehand — because their clergy told them so. And the Muslims think they’re going to succeed in converting or killing all "unbelievers," because their clergy tells them it is their "God-given duty." But both religious "families" are ignoring the Hebrew Prophets who foretold a different story! So, if our daily news does not produce some other news to distract me, we’ll focus on "the coming war" in the days to come! I hope you’ll join us.

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