Friday, October 06, 2006

The "Trouble" With Homosexuality

The "Trouble" With Homosexuality

Because a man named Foley has made this subject a "front-page" story (, I’d like to put in my "2 cents."

Homosexuality is "immoral" in Judeo-Christian-Muslim societies, which, like it or not, represent at least half of the world’s huge population. And it’s "immoral" simply because Moses, quoting God, said it was. In fact, he told us God calls it an "abomination." To be sure, not everyone agrees with God on this subject, even if they consider themselves "believers." But the indisputable truth is that homosexuality is a "dead end" for human existence, since homosexuals cannot procreate. And our existence depends on procreation!

So, there we have it—when a man "lays down" with a man, or a woman with a woman, what they’re seeking is sexual satisfaction (and if they’re "lucky," they get it). But, in reality, we don’t need to be sexually satisfied to accomplish things that help our loved ones or ourselves live "happily" (though it can certainly help an individual’s personality).

In addition, homosexuality is sort of "contagious," in the sense that someone can try it, like it, and eventually encourage others to join the party! In other words, if we forego self-control, we’re liable to learn that members of our own sex know more about "satisfying" us than the opposite sex knows, and if we perceive "great sex" as a vital component of our personal life, we’re hooked!

Once we’ve tossed out our own "self-control" in sexual matters, an easy way to find a "homosexual mate" is to pursue the young, who usually are still learning "self-control," and not very good at it! But do humans really need self-control in all situations? Why shouldn’t we just let ourselves "follow our natural instincts?" I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on this, before I go on with my own.

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Sam said...

Are you really suggesting that homosexuals try to "recruit" people to their lifestyle rather than just looking for like minded people? That really seems to be an idea that has been refruted by others. And your suggestion that homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles seems also to be false based on the number of registered sex offenders.